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Mounting your Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers should be mounted: – In the right location – At the correct height – Securely – With the right accessories – To avoid cabling – Away from temperature extremes

What’s the right location?

It’s important that fire extinguishers are mounted in obvious places, where people expect to see them. Since fire extinguishers are used to aid emergency evacuations, they should also be placed: – Along exit routes – In doorways – By stairways – Along corridors – In landings and lobbies While you should place extinguishers near specific risks, don’t place them close enough that somebody trying to reach the extinguisher could be harmed. As a rule, people should have to travel no more than 30m from the site of the fire to reach a fire extinguisher.

Wall mounting heights

Double Fire Extinguisher Plinth

Extinguishers should be raised from the ground. If the unit is heavier than 4kg, the carrying handle should be 1m from the ground. For smaller units, the carrying handle should be raised 1.5m from the ground.

Mounting extinguishers side by side

If you need to mount two fire extinguishers side by side, you should mount them both at the same height (the height of the largest extinguisher).

If the extinguisher can’t be wall mounted…

…a fire extinguisher stand should be used. There are a range of stands and plinths to choose from, both double and single. If you’re buying a fire extinguisher stand for a CO2 extinguisher, beware! CO2 extinguishers are smaller than other extinguishers of the same capacity.

Who should mount them?

The installation of fire extinguishers should be carried out by service engineers to ensure that it has been properly done. They will ensure that your extinguishers are installed to BS standards, and mounted in the correct location.

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