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Bonfire Night Safety Tips

All the tips you need to remember for Bonfire Night! As November draws nearer it is about the time that you may be starting to organise for your friends and families to get together on November 5th to enjoy bonfire night. Fireworks, sparklers and bonfires are all great fun and very exciting but it is so important you take the necessary precautions in order to prevent any accidents or injuries. Take the time to read this following advice so that you can avoid any potential disasters! Sparklers – Did you know that a sparkler will reach 2,000°C!
  • Store them before use in a cool, dry place – 11971419823_038883493bideally in a sealed box so you know that there will be no damage to any of them.
  • Insist that whoever is using them should wear gloves to stop any sparks from coming into contact with bare skin.
  • Have a bucket of cold water or sand ready to put the sparklers into immediately after they have burnt out; they will remain hot for a long time.
  • Make sure everyone has enough space – do not use them in a crowded area!
  • Always supervise your children to make sure they do not have any loose clothing that could catch fire and also they hold the sparklers at an arms length away from their body.
  Fireworks – Rockets travel at speeds of 150mph and can cause serious damage if not managed correctly.
  • Before dark ensure your garden is clear from all hazards that may cause you to trip over when lighting fireworks
  • Warn neighbours that you are planning to have a firework display so they are able to avoid being outside if they wish to do so.
  • Ensure you follow all safety directions on the fireworks when you buy them – do not try and improvise on the night.
  • You should never go back to a lit firework even if it does not look like it is going to go off.
  • Light your fireworks using a taper at arms length and then retreat to a safe distance very carefully.
  What to do in an emergency?
  • Stay absolutely calm so as to not panic the person in need.
  • Run a burn under cold water for an extended period of time – you should never run any ointment or oil into a burn.
  • If there is clothing stuck in the burn you should cut around it but not pull it off.
  • Cover the burn in cling film until a medical practitioner can properly dress it.
  • Take them to the hospital or call 999 depending on how severe the burn is.
  Follow this a guide and most importantly be well prepared to guarantee you have a safe and enjoyable night!


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