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Let Fire Safety be your News Years Resolution

Let Fire Safety be your News Years Resolution As the New Year begins, many of you will want to be setting traditional New Year’s resolutions. For some people the aim will be to eat less chocolate or reduce your carbon footprint. We would recommend that you add one more resolution to your list; to be fire safe. No-one is immune to the dangers of a fire and no-one should be complacent about their own fire-safety. We all need to take responsibility. One slip-up could be life threatening for not only yourself, but those around you. By routinely completing a number of simple fire safety steps, you can drastically reduce the chances of a fire in your home this year and beyond. What you can do to prevent a fire in your home: Smoke Alarms: Get into the habit of checking your fire alarm once every month. The smoke alarm is only beneficial if it functions properly, that is, the alarm goes off when smoke is detected. For this the sensors of the smoke alarm should work and the alarm should go off loudly enough to wake up even heavy sleepers. The best place to place a smoke alarm is in the hallway. A working fire alarm will provide you and your family an early warning to a fire in the house. Kitchen Fires: Keep children out of the kitchen to prevent them from knocking over a pan. If you’re cooking with fat, stay nearby as it can be set on fire very easily, especially with water. In general, do not leave your cooking unattended. Plug Sockets: Don’t overload your sockets with plugs. Try to stick to one plug in each socket. This is most important when it comes to appliances that use a lot of electricity like washing machines. If you have put more than one plug in a socket, early warning signs of danger could be that plugs are hot to touch. It is best not to leave appliances on overnight especially high energy consumption machines such as heaters. Guests: If someone else is smoking in your house, make sure that their cigarettes are completely extinguished. Furthermore, it is useful to inform everyone of the nearest fire exit or escape route. It is best to familiarise yourself with the escape route, especially for a night fire when it is dark and difficult to navigate. Finally, contact your local fire station to see if they offer any free home fire safety checks. Many will offer this service and provide answers or any further questions you may have. If it is necessary, they will even fit a free smoke alarm for you.  


Island Fire Protection gave me a great service from my initial call, right through to the fitting of my new alarm.
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