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Christmas Fire Safety

Christmas is a time for family, celebration, feasting and presents. Whilst we all want to have a great time in this period it is important to remember to be fire safe and prevent any terrible accidents! 23353610940_76e104533a_bChristmas Trees It is a tradition for most families nowadays to have a Christmas tree, embellished with lights, baubles and other beautiful decorations. As attractive as this may be, Christmas trees can be a fire safety hazard if placed incorrectly.  Furthermore, real Christmas trees are prone to drying and this makes them more flammable! To minimize the risks, follow this important advice:
  • Ensure Christmas trees are not in the way of entrances and fire exits.
  • When choosing a real Christmas tree, you make sure you choose a fresh green tree which means that it has retained more moisture.
  • Ensure Christmas trees are not placed near an open flame or any sort of a heat source
  Clutter All the fun that we have during Christmas creates mess! Those presents leave waste wrapping paper and the food all comes in packaging. It is easy to forget all this waste in the excitement of the day. The amount of wrapping paper thrown away at Christmas in the UK would stretch to the moon! This clutter poses serious fire risks and can stop or block escape routes or even hamper firefighters.
  • Try to throw away packaging and clutter straight away
  • Keep clutter out of entrances and exits
  • Keep clutter away from open flames or any sort of a heat source
Christmas Dinner Christmas Dinner is one of the best and social meals a family can have. A lot of time will be spent in the kitchen preparing what is sometimes the biggest meal of the year. In all the stress and festivities, it can be easy to forget a real and present danger of a fire.
  • Never leave cooking unattended
  • Never cook under the influence of alcohol and keep other inebriated attendees away from the cooking
  • Ensure all cooking appliances are unplugged or switched off when finished with


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