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News: British Airways Plane Caught Fire in Las Vegas

200230913_c7486e849bBritish Airways Plane Caught Fire in Las Vegas Forcing 172 People to be Evacuated September 9th saw 14 people taken to hospital with minor injuries after the left engine of the British Airways Boeing 777 caught fire before take-off in Las Vegas’ McCarran Airport; engulfing the runway in smoke and flames. The pilot called for a swift evacuation telling passengers there had been a “catastrophic failure of the engine.” At the point of ignition the plane was travelling at 89mph. This was a stroke of good fortune as it gave them the time to make the decision to abort the take-off. If the plane had been travelling above 180mph the pilot would have had no choice but to take-off lacking the space to bring the aircraft to a halt. Nevertheless the success of the emergency evacuation plan of the airline and airport should not be underestimate in allowing them to escape with no major injuries or casualties. The staff acted very quickly and made textbook decisions such as deeming one emergency exit unsafe when smoke had filled the cabin. Airport officials released a statement with the message that the passengers and flight-staff were taken to Sunrise Hospital with most of the minor injuries sustained whilst sliding down the inflatable chutes and not from the direct effects of the fire. Since then an investigation into the blaze has begun and one of the airport’s main runways remained closed for several hours. The importance of having effective emergency evacuation plans cannot be stressed highly enough through such events. Even on a smaller scale such as offices and in homes the correct procedures in place could be the difference between a safe escape and major injuries. The following are the absolute essentials when devising your fire evacuation plan:
  • Designated escape routes must always have a clear passageway and should be clearly marked towards the exits
  • Emergency doors should be lit in darker areas and should be very easily opened
  • All employees should be trained and know the escape routes that should be used from different areas in the building
  • A designated meeting point should be identified that is in an open area a good distance from the evacuated building.


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