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Camping Fire Safety

There is no better way to enjoy the scorching weather we are having, including the hottest ever-recorded July day, than with a chilled-out camping trip with friends and family! However you must be aware of the dangers that such trips hold so that you can enjoy your break knowing everyone is safe. The hot weather will have dried out the grass making it more flammable; you must take precautions when camping outdoors!

Camp Fires

A camping favourite for all! But unsurprisingly many accidents are had every year so you must take care! Fire
  • Open fires must be several metres away from all tents and sleeping areas – many sites will have rules on minimum distance. It also helps to set tents up with a 5 metre distance between one another to stop fires from spreading.
  •  Everyone knows how difficult it is to start a campfire. Using accelerants can cause uncontrollable flames and should be avoided – singed eyebrows could be the least of your worries!
  • Ensure the area around the fire is clear so people can step away without tripping over.
  • Take a fire blanket or a mini-extinguisher so if anything does go wrong you have it under control.
  BBQs Who doesn’t love a BBQ! Follow these tips to ensure no accidents are had.
  • Ensure your BBQ is placed on a flat surface.
  • Especially when camping, not within the comforts of your home, charcoal is the safest fuel. Gas and flammable liquids carry unnecessary risks.
  • Particularly when using disposable BBQs, pour water on them and wait for them to cool before throwing them away.
  • Cooking inside a tent carries not only fire dangers but also a risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning – the silent killer!
  Remember if a fire does break out do not panic! Alert the local authorities by mobile phone or the nearest pay phone and keep everyone a safe distance from the flames. If you take the upmost care in your preparation for your camping trip you can go and enjoy yourself in full knowledge everybody is safe!

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