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Outdoor fires – stay safe this summer

Summertime should be all fun and games! Don’t let outdoor fires spoil your summer; here are some tips for staying safe.

The facts:

The number of outdoor fires increases during summer months: – The weather is hot – Grass is dry and flammable – People spend more time outdoors – It’s BBQ, camping and caravan season Camping Fire Safety

BBQ tips

– Position your BBQ carefully on a flat surface – Avoid using gas BBQs – charcoal is the best fuel to use – Never use petrol or a flammable liquids on your BBQ – Pour water onto the BBQ to put it out, then wait for it to cool – Wait until they’ve cooled to throw disposal BBQs away – More BBQ safety tips here

Camp fire and fire pit tips

– Set them up at least 3 metres from your tent, luggage, furnishings and trees – Keep kids and ball games well away – Never leave them unattended – Discarded matches or splints into the fire or a bucket of water – Keep fires at a manageable size – Never put aerosols, cans, glass, metals or plastic into the fire – Allow all of the wood to burn to ash when extinguishing the fire – To extinguish, pour water onto the fire until the hissing stops, making sure everything is wet

Caravan tips

– Make sure you have a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector fitted – Don’t forget to pack:
  • One dry powder extinguisher, for furniture, engine, flammable gas and flammable liquid fires
  • A wet chemical extinguisher and fire blanket for cooking fires

Other fire safety tips

– Make sure you dispose of cigarettes safely; you don’t want them setting fire to grass – Never leave glass bottles lying around; sunlight can pass through them and start a fire – Never leave children or pets unattended photo credit: litlnemo via photopin cc

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