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How to choose a fire safety company

A range of services will need to be provided by external contractors, including your annual and extended extinguisher services. It’s wise to have your extinguisher supplied through contractors, too, as they will ensure your fire safety equipmentBAFE Approved has been properly fitted, commissioned, and that you have the correct ones. How do you know you’re choosing the right company?

BAFE registered companies

BAFE registered fire safety companies must have third party certification to prove they are both up to date on legislation and have a properly trained workforce.

SIRA registered companies

SIRA certification to is given to companies found to sell and service fire extinguishers and accessories to the standard of ISO 9001.

Members of the FIA

The FIA (Fire Industry Association) promotes professional standards among members. Companies who are members of the FIA must adhere to the FIA’s strict standards.

Warning signs of a tricky company

They’re rare, but there are some companies out there aiming to rip you out. Here are some things to watch out for: 1) Trying to charge you extra for parts or services that should be included, such as: – Safety pins, OK indicators, labels, gauges, anti-tamper seals 2) Trying to tie you into long contracts with excessive cancellation periods. 3) Exchanging your newer extinguishers for their older, pre-tested ones. 4) Charging you for the exchange or replacement of extinguishers still under the manufacturer’s warranty 5) Charging you for the replacement of a damaged extinguisher without showing you the damage

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I had an alarm fitted to my rental property. The service was quick and professional. Faultless.
Mr L.Wright

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