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WMFS hits training high

High rise buildings are incredibly hostile environments for firefighters, and in the last three years alone, WMFS had to tackle 1,200 of them, leaving 200 people injured and 4 dead. Now, to help firefighters better understand fires in high-rise buildings, WMFS has a brand new 60ft training facility. Its sixBurning mult-storey building configurable floors are linked by internal and external staircases and a lift shaft. Factors such as ventilation and wind speed can be controlled. Even the movement of smoke and gas around the building can be simulated. This brilliant construction can be used to mimic the real fire conditions of multi-storey constructions, and is believed to be the first design of its kind. The new training facility was dreamed up and created by HAAGEN. Jason Campbell, responsible for operational training delivery at WMFS, said: “High-rise fires can be very complex incidents…the new facility will let us replicate fire conditions, just like in a real flat or open plan office, but in a controlled and safe environment.” The new training facility will allow firefighters to learn the safest and quickest ways in, out and about the burning high rise buildings, and how to best evacuate citizens. The training facility stands in Oldbury community fire station. Here, firefighters from across Europe will be able to use the tower to gain a better understanding of the way a fire behaves in high rise buildings. Firefighters will now be able to get into tower blocks sooner, extinguisher fires faster and get more people out of buildings unharmed. photo credit: LAFD via photopin cc

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