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A Guide to Temporary Site Alarms

Howler fire alarmBeing able to raise the alarm is a basic part of the Fire Safety Order. If you have a temporary or outdoor site, you need a temporary fire alarm. Temporary alarms are suitable for: – Building sites – Markets – Marquees – Festivals and fairs – Outdoor events – Other outdoor sites

Battery-powered temporary fire alarms

You can opt for a conventional, mains-powered alarm system, however, they’re expensive and take a lot of time to install. It’s much better to opt for battery powered temporary alarms, where you won’t have to mess about with wiring.

Types of temporary site alarm

There are several types and brands of temporary alarm. Popular ones include: – Howler site alarms – Rotary hand bells – Klaxon temporary fire alarm – Rotary hand bells – Air horns – Megaphone – Self-contained fire alarms – Interlinkable fire alarms – Standalone temporary alarms

Self-contained fire alarms

Self-contained fire alarms are solitary devices that incorporate a sounder, method of manually raising the alarm, and sometimes a light, beacon or strobe in one unit.

Do you need strobes and lights?

If possible, it’s a good idea. If you have the noise of construction work or crowds of people to contend with, you might want to opt for a fire alarm with a strobe in case the alarm is not heard.

Air horns, megaphones and rotary alarm bells

On a small site, air horns and rotary alarm bells are both suitable. Both can be used to raise the alarm manually, and neither of them needs a battery. However, they’re unsuitable for larger sites, where the alarm may not be heard by everyone on site. Nor can you guarantee that somebody will be prepared to stay on site and sound the alarm long enough for everyone to evacuate. For these reasons, on larger sites, you’ll need self-contained, battery operated fire alarm instead.

Interlinking vs. Standalone temporary alarms

It all depends on how temporary your site is. Standalone temporary fire alarms won’t need a control panel to function. Also, interlinkable alarms are normally connected via a wire, which could be damaged on some sites. If you have a larger site, interlinking alarms might be unavoidable – if one alarm sounds, they’ll all sound, meaning the whole site will be alerted. photo credit: Leo Reynolds via photopin cc

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