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Is a conventional fire alarm system right for you?

Conventional smoke detection systems are wired into fire zones. Each zone will have its own circuit, on to which multiple devices are connected. They aren’t terribly sophisticated, but they’re a good choice for smaller businesses, where complex functions aren’t required.

When is a conventional fire alarm system suitable?

Typically, conventional detectors are used in small buildings – that’s your shops, restaurants, very small offices and the like. While a conventional fire alarm system isn’t the most sophisticated one available, if you have a small building it can be just  what you need, and cost you less than more advanced options. Domestic Smoke Detector

Cheapest to buy

Conventional detectors, panels and devices tend to be the cheapest ones available. This means that the overall cost of the system is low. Additionally, it will be cheaper to replace devices, and keep your system well maintained.

Greater wiring costs

Conventional fire alarm systems tend to use more cabling than other ones. Radio fire alarm systems or wireless alarm systems don’t use any cabling at all. Analogue addressable systems connect multiple devices with a single loop of wiring, which requires less cable. Not only does this mean conventional fire detection systems’ wiring costs are greater, but it also means that more man hours are spent installing them.

Pinpointing a fire

With some fire alarm systems, you can pinpoint the exact location of a fire, as the control panel will tell you which device has been activated. With conventional fire alarm systems, individual devices cannot be detected, meaning you have no way of knowing the precise location of a fire, false alarm or signalling device. However, a conventional control panel will tell you which fire zone the activated device is in, so you can get a general idea of the incident’s whereabouts.

They’re simple to set up

Wiring aside, it’s generally quite simple to set up conventional fire alarm systems, since no configuration is required. photo credit: Mulad via photopin cc

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