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Google stops selling Nest Protect detectors

So, it turns out that Google’s Nest Protect detector is far from everything it promised to be. Image of Google logoNest Protect users have been warned about one of the device’s signature features, the Nest Wave, in a letter released on the Nest Protect website. The Nest Wave feature was meant to make safety convenient, allowing you to silence the detector with the wave of a hand. In his letter, the company’s CEO, Tony Fadell, explained that recent testing shows this silencing feature could accidentally deactivate the detector, which would then prevent it from going off when there’s an actual fire. As a result, the feature will be disabled remotely in detectors that have already been purchased. Further sales will also be ceased until the issue has been resolved. There have been no complaints so far, and it is believed that the detectors will still be able to detect smoke and carbon monoxide. The decision to halt sales, according to Fadell, is more to do with it making little sense to sell a product that will require an immediate update. People who have bought one of the devices already will be offered a full refund, rightly so, given the cost of them. You can read the letter on the Nest protect website. photo credit: FindYourSearch via photopin cc

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