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Understanding chrome fire extinguishers

Chrome fire extinguishers are actually made from highly polished aluminium or stainless steel. They’re a popular choice for many businesses, as they look good and offer numerous practical benefits.

Where’s the Kitemark?

2 Chrome Fire ExtinguishersChrome fire extinguishers aren’t BSI kitemarked. This is simply because to meet EN3, 95% of the extinguisher’s body must be red. This is not to say chrome fire extinguishers don’t work as well as the red ones. They actually function in the same way. Normally, they will be CE marked to show they’re made to an acceptable standard.

They don’t corrode

Chrome fire extinguishers are made from non-corrosive metal. They’re actually a good long-term investment, as their cylinders aren’t corrosive.

When to use them

Chrome fire extinguishers have practical and aesthetic benefits. You might want to install them in damp areas, such as hotel spas and shower rooms; they’re non-corrosive and won’t rust. This also makes them ideal in buildings where sanitation is paramount, such as hospitals and kitchens. You can clean your chrome extinguishers with water or glass cleaner as often as you think is necessary. Chrome fire extinguishers are also very popular in salons, swish offices…any place where appearance counts.

CO2 chrome extinguishers

When choosing a CO2 chrome fire extinguisher, look for an aluminium one. They can hold the gas under high pressure, but still keep the extinguisher light and easy to use.

Draw attention to them

Chrome fire extinguishers are tougher to see than the red ones. For this reason it’s always important that you buy an accompanying fire extinguisher ID sign.

What about the label?

Most chrome fire extinguishers use the same colour coding for the extinguisher labels as the red ones. This is important and saves confusion for people who are used to red fire extinguishers. There are, however, some exceptions, so make sure you double check before buying.

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