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North Carolina Firefighter develops Google Glass apps

A US Firefighter has been developing a Google Glass app that could help firefighters save more lives. For years it seemed that the firefighting industry had been a little left out of the digital revolution. Well, maybe Google’s Nest Protect smoke detector has started a new techie trend. Firefighter by day, developer by night (or is it the other way round), Patrick Jackson, sounds like a superhero. Well he could be just that, thanks to his very own, potentially lifesaving, Google Glass developments.

What are the apps for?

We all know how volatile fires are, and how quickly they spread. Every second counts when you’re fighting one, as Jackson well knows. He decided to develop a series of timesaving apps to provide him with key information sooner, and knowledge he might not have otherwise had access to. All apps, used together will hopefully be lifesaving for firefighters and civilians alike. As stated in his #ifihadglass application: “Mission critical information could be viewed quickly while never taking eyes off of the incident. Pictures and video could be recorded to add in fire investigation and incident critics….”

Apps so far

Jackson has built several apps already The Incident Notification app directs all incoming emergency calls straight to his Glass headset, where he’ll also get the address, a map and key case notes. Find a Hydrant is another app, that shows him, on a map, where the nearest fire hydrant to the incident is.

Apps in the making

Another app in the making will show firefighters blue prints, entry points, floor plans, and the like before they even enter a burning building. Kurt Russel could have done with one of these in Backdraft. Another app will do the same, but for vehicles, showing them where to use tools and how to enter a vehicle when rescuing people from their motors. Of course, Google Glass is still in its rudimentary stages, so who knows what it is capable of, but developments such as these prove promising for the fire protection industry. photo credit: kenjonbro via photopin cc

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