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Fire safety resolutions for 2014

Now’s the time to nip all bad habits in the bud.  We’ve taken the liberty (the cheek!) of suggesting some New Year resolutions for us all to follow. Let’s see if we can have a safer 2014!

2014 spelt out with sparklers1. Be safer with candles

Candles are a leading cause of all house fires, especially around Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Halloween! Never fall asleep with candles lit, and always use a candle holder or tray. If you really want to go the extra mile, make the switch to electric candles!

2. Make sure you have a working smoke alarm and check it every week

You are twice as likely to die in a house fire if you don’t have a working smoke alarm. If yours needs replacing, a basic smoke alarm can cost under £5, although it’s worth buying a long-life, 10 year alarm. All smoke alarms have a test button, so you can check they’re working weekly.  If you’re on Facebook, follow Fire Safety Supplier; you’ll get a reminder every Tuesday. Read our guide to domestic smoke alarms here.  

3. Kick your careless cooking habits

 Last year, 20% of all fire fatalities occurred in the kitchen. We bet you’ve had some close calls yourself over the years! Be safer in the kitchen by keeping everything flammable away from the stove, including sleeves, kitchen roll and tea towels. Never leave the stove unattended; that’s just asking for trouble! Read more about fire safety in the kitchen here.

4. Be a safer smoker

Careless smoking habits are another major cause of all home fires, especially when alcohol is involved! No more smoking in bed, or indoors at all if you can help it. Make sure you use a proper ash tray, and extinguish cigarettes properly. More advice on cigarette fire safety here.

5. No more neglecting your electrical appliances

Don’t wait until your devices are on their last legs, replace or repair them when they look worn or damaged.This applies to heating devices and electric lighting, too. The main things to look out for are frayed or faulty wires and cables. Get more advice on electrical appliances, here. Or get specific advice on electric blankets here. photo credit: thomasstache via photopin cc

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