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Christmas decoration fire safety tips

Traditionally speaking, the Christmas decorations are due to go up this Friday. For those of you who haven’t already done it, here are some fire safety tips to bear in mind.

Christmas lights

The best advice we can give, is to switch to using new, LED lights that use less electricity and are cooler. House lit up with Christmas Lights
  • Choose lights that conform to BS EN 60598
  • Consider replacing old lighting
  • Bulb sockets should not be broken or cracked
  • Never connect different lighting
  • Replace broken bulbs immediately to prevent overheating
  • Ensure replacement bulbs are the same type and rating as the originals
  • Keep them switched off until the tree is fully decorated
All electrical safety tips outlined in this post also apply to Christmas lights.


Always use an electric candle if you possibly can. They’re really realistic – many come scented, complete with wax and a flickering light. If you’re going to be using wax candles, here are the main tips:
  • Keep your candles clear of fabric, curtains and flammable furnishings
  • Avoid having naked flames
  • Place on tray, or in a candle holder, warmer or jar
  • Place the holder or tray on a steady surface so that they won’t fall over
  • Extinguish candles with a snuffer
  • Light them with a long-reach lighter
  • Keep your candle away from draughts
  • Never carry a lit candle
  • Never leave a candle unattended
  • Careful not to fall asleep

Electrical decorations (including lighting)

  • Inspect all Inspect all lights, decorations, and extension cords for damage before use
  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions
  • Never leave electrical decorations switched on overnight
  • Never leave them unattended
  • Don’t overload plug sockets – more on electrical fire safety here

Outdoor lighting

The most important thing is to ensure lighting used outdoors is made for this use.
  • Ensure all outdoor light are connected via 30mA RCD protected sockets
  • Never use standard Christmas lights for outdoor use
  • Make sure all plugs and transformers are connected indoors, even for outdoor lighting

Smoke detectors

Ensure you have a working domestic smoke detector installed on every level of your home.   photo credit: meantux via photopin cc

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