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Tips for storing Christmas stock

Debenhams decorated for Christmas From 2011 to 2012, there were 3,700 retail fires. With all the Christmas stock and seasonal shoppers, there’s even more risk. Here are our top tips for keeping your shop safer this Christmas.

Don’t over stock

It’s tempting, but don’t order more stock than you can safely store. If you over stock, it will become clutter, which helps spread fire.

Remove rubbish and packaging regularly

With stock, comes packaging. This is also incredibly flammable. Make sure that you regularly dispose of unwanted packaging from your store

Keep stock away from escape routes

The last thing you want to do is to block your emergency exits with flammable goods. Make sure your escape routes are will lit and clearly marked.

Have fire extinguishers nearby

A fire risk assessment will tell you which fire extinguishers you need, but if you deal with clothing, you will definitely need at least a class A fire extinguisher. A water fire extinguisher is the cheapest one that can be used on class A fire extinguishers, however, multi-class extinguishers (such as dry powder fire extinguishers) can be used on other types of fire, too. Your fire extinguishers will also need to be periodically checked. Read more about the different types of fire extinguisher here.

It’s bad practice to:

  • Store items close to a source of heat, such as radiators and lamps
  • Keep flammable items near plugs, or electrical items
  • Have open flames nearby

When was your last shop fire risk assessment carried out?

Ideally, this should be done annually. It will help you identify where your risk areas are – stock rooms should be included in your risk assessment.

Prepare for arson attacks

Shops are a common target of arson attacks. Keep your shop secure with shutters at night, and make sure that all flammable goods are disposed of or locked away at night. Read more on preventing arson attacks here. For more information on storing flammable substances here. photo credit: Cristiano Betta via photopin cc

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