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Have a fire free Halloween

With all the candles and fireworks, it’s no wonder Halloween is one of the worst days for fires. Keep the festivities fire-free this year by sticking to the following tips.

Carved Halloween pumpkinsDecorations

According to the NFP, decorations are the first thing to ignite in the 1,000 reported Halloween home fires each year. Try to avoid using flammable materials, such as crepe, paper, and dried flowers. Keep decorations well away from candles, lights, heaters and all electrical appliances.


Billowing, floaty costumes made from light material may look good, but they’re also more likely to be blown into a flame. If your kids are going trick or treating and are wearing masks, make sure their vision is not restricted.


Naked, flickering flames look good, but they’re also a fire hazard. It’s always safest to opt for a torch or an electric candle. There are some really sophisticated options with flickering flame effects. Avoid having any naked flames – you can always protect them using a lantern or burner. If you are lighting a candle in a jack-o-lantern, use a long-neck lighter, match or a splint so that you don’t burn yourself.

Educate your trick or treaters

Make sure all your little monsters know the stop, drop and roll technique, and are aware of the fire hazards around them. photo credit: Professor Bop via photopin cc

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